My newest book is Now Available on Amazon

A book about my latest pilgrimage around the Island of Shikoku Japan.

Walking with Buddha is a moving-meditation set along Japan’s stunning Shikoku 88-Temple Trail. The ancient 1,200-kilometer path around the island of Shikoku serves as a reflective backdrop for cultural immersion and introduction into the Buddha-Nature. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Lockhart sets off on a walking-pilgrimage to nourish her soul and contemplate her next fifty years. While learning to embrace her own Buddha-nature, she discovers the wisdom, courage, and grace to accept change and re-create a life she truly desires.

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Camino del Norte!

Irún to Santiago de Compostela 

Camino del Norte Information

I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming spring travel adventure thru-hiking the 825 kilometers of Camino del Norte. This is my last year working and living in Europe, so I’m anxious to get in as much Camino as possible. I know I’ll return many times, but it won’t be as easy as it is this year. The flight from Frankfurt to San Sebastian is less than 5 hours and very inexpensive. I’ve got to going while the going is easy.

Hugging the coastline of Northern Spain, Norte begins in Irun, just south of the French border, and cuts through the Basque country, Cantabria, Asturias, and Galicia. While I dearly love the Camino Frances, the Norte lures me in with her promise of fewer hikers, seafood suppers, beaches, and fantastic coastal views. I can already feel my toes in the sand and surf after a tough day on the trail. Unfortunately, the trade-off is RAIN! I’m expecting a rather soggy experience.

I suspect navigating will be more challenging, as the waymarking isn’t as plentiful. I’ll also be without my favorite Brierly guide, as one isn’t created for this area. So, it’s back to old-fashioned map and compass! It will be like old times, old Army times.

I’ll try to keep you posted on my journey.

Buen Camino!





First Book Released on Amazon

An unlikely pilgrim battles agoraphobia to reclaim life beyond the sofa. The 800-kilometer journey along the Camino Frances provides a scenic backdrop to ponder midlife crisis and chronic illness, an empty nest and marital discord, military service and post-traumatic stress, rage and grief, heartbreak and fear – and the way forward.

El Camino de Santiago, known fondly as “The Way”, is a matrix of trails with starting points across Europe leading to the sacred relics of Saint James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Often considered a Catholic pilgrimage, this ancient route predates Christianity. The Way continues to evolve, attracting spiritual seekers with and without religion, thru-hikers, fitness junkies, history buffs, and the curious.

Armed with humor, grit, and a backpack named Little Agnus, Lockhart tackles emotional and physical obstacles, shares adventures with pilgrims from all over the world, mothers traveling teens, endures blisters and bicycle seats, and embraces the glory of Mother Nature and the intrinsic spirituality of peregrination. She finds herself transcending from a human being on a spiritual quest to a spiritual being on a human quest.

Nothing says I LOVE READING (and I love Christine) like supporting this book. I’m going to need help promoting and keeping it in the light.

The paperback is $14.95 and the Kindle is only $3.99.